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is park life

Question: Is it possible through good park design to provoke interesting movement and interactions between people from all walks of life? Young, old, energetic, lazy, relaxing, reflecting, hiding, shy or show offs. This website is a mix of our art works and research into urban park landscapes. More generally it is also about the idea that play is a good way to learn for all ages and an important activity to continue beyond childhood.

We are still building this site and filling it with content while it’s live so if something looks a bit out of place that is why. In the next few weeks as the project comes together more the site will be more settled.

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Please don't Have you ever been asked to stop playing? What were you doing?

  • Please don't cossack dance in the bathroomJack, Katoomba
  • "you smile a lot, it's so...childish" "when will you ever grow up?"seema, berlin
  • My dad and I are both musicians. My mum is not a musician. When I was small we had a little dog, who was very vocal. I decided to take up the accordion and spent long periods playing in yard. Every time I picked up the accordion I would be stopped either by my mother, or by the howling of my dog.Jac, Canberra
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Volkspark Friedrichshain

Friedenstra├če 112 10249 Berlin

Large shady park with running trails, kids water play, climbing wall, ping pong, volleyball, bbq areas and lots of green space.